5 Superhero Slots

5 Superhero Slots

If you love superheroes and online slot machines, you should probably check out some of these, the very best amalgams of two titans of pop culture titans…

The Dark Knight

This Batman title from Microgaming has one of the most attractive progressive jackpots out there, with previous wins reaching $2.5 million. A five reel slot with 243 ways to win, The Dark Knight offers gamers a stellar experience, with exquisite graphics, bold animation and sweeping sound effects not impinging on the gameplay an iota. Bonus rounds are rewarding both in terms of action and win potential, and the bet range means the game is accessible to even the most casual casino player. One of the best slots around, The Dark Knight comes highly recommended.

Iron Man 3
The third installment of the hugely successful movie franchise has prompted just as many media and merch spinoffs as its predecessors. Picking up the story from the battle of New York, Iron Man 3 follows Tony Stark as he copes with the challenges of post traumatic stress disorder (and works on a new suit!). In the slot, players must take on the evil Mandarin as he tries to thwart Iron Man’s plans. Multiple bonus games and wild symbols give slotters plenty of chances to win. Iron Man 3 is a superb addition to the superhero slot game canon – try the Iron Man series for yourself.


The slot game inspired by Marvel’s Thor series really transports you into another world. That world is ruled by the mighty Thor, and it’s brought to life by impressive graphics and gameplay, which are enough to keep you interested even if you don’t win much cash.


Another Marvel icon, Blade has been resurrected as a slot game by Playtech. Their efforts have not been wasted – playing Blade is one of the most transformative experiences you can have in an online slot game. The bet range allows even those with a modest bankroll to get involved in the action.


To many slot enthusiasts, the Spiderman game is unbeatable. In terms of sheer fun, the gameplay is unrivalled, and the potential rewards aren’t too shabby either. Beautifully designed, Spiderman takes cues from the original comic series (rather than the slightly darker recent movies), but the old school charm only adds to the entertainment. Give Spidey a chance and, even if you cast your net elsewhere, you’ll probably be back for more.