About Us


Don’t be fooled by the title, TheJoyOfSoap is a Casino-Blog Hybrid, first started in the cold winter of 2013 by Elsie Roberts, She saw very little of these hybrids making any success or progress and aims to change that revolutionize Casino-Hybrids and how they work.

What we are all about

TheJoyOfSoap aims to bring you the best of the classic slot machine games, live casino games such as blackjack and poker and has room for reviewers and this is where we are unique to others. Our system doesn’t hire people permanently, reviewers have working for us are allowed to write a maximum of 30 posts in total and require 6 months of waiting time before being able to post again. The reason for this being that objective results and conclusions are often found if the results happen to be similar or the same towards a majority of different reviewers with different perspectives. This allows us to be more genuine and authentic than any other casino hybrid site.