Step inside the Hall of Fame of Bingo. The Bingo halls are proving to be great places to hang out, make new friends, earn some bucks, and have a great game of Bingo. The world is virtual, but you can expect some heady hard-to-beat fun here.

The Internet is teeming with Bingo websites featuring Bingo halls, where you can do lots more than just play a game of Bingo. You need to open a Player Account with the Bingo hall to avail of the sundry services provided here, but usually the registration process is free.

To elaborate on the fun galore at a Bingo hall: most of the online Bingo halls feature easy games giving you ample scope to win prizes. Yes, in these halls, you also get paid for having fun. Bingo buffs apart, these halls are a lure for the curious onlookers too. And once they get a taste of the sheer excitement that Bingo is, converting to the game takes only a jiffy.

Talking of prizes, Bingo halls mostly run on the principle that if you win a game, you won’t log off empty-handed. Thus there are quite a few online Bingo halls that offer lucrative promotions that guarantee prizes, cash ones too, by the cartful. Make the trip to the Bingo halls regularly. Jackpots virtually lie strewn all over the place. And what is more, multiple winners share the goods equally. The Bingo halls are quite prompt when it comes to payments.

Another lure of the Bingo halls is the number of friendships that you can form here. These halls feature live chat groups where you can post your profile, complete with a wacky chat ID and an even wackier image of yourself. See the friend requests pouring in. The Bingo halls provide you with ample opportunities of socializing over a game of Bingo.

For the hardcore Bingo gamers, the Bingo halls are great places to share tips and tricks of the game with players around the world.

For those Bingo aficionados who are skeptical about the practicality of putting up personal information on the Net, there’s good news in store. Most of the Bingo halls have strict security or privacy protection policies that ensure that your records are not laid bare for third parties to pounce upon.

The Bingo halls have gone great lengths to promote the game and have been instrumental in creating vibrant Bingo gaming communities all over the world.